Get the 400+ Page “Big Book” by Robert W. Steele

This book turns the real estate business 180 degrees from what is taught by organized real estate.

ROBERT STEELE SAYS: “My Steele 300 Book is the culmination of a long career in creative real estate and my association with very creative clients and the best professional real estate minds in this field, both nationally and internationally. The single most difficult thing I have found in this field is to explain to other professionals or clients just how this creative real estate milieu functions, and why we practitioners truly believe that the people in the transaction are more important than the property. The standard teachings that apply to residential sales of homes and the capitalization rates that only apply to commercial properties are excellent but maybe only relate to 50%, or even less, of the real estate marketplace. The only thing left to accommodate the other 50% of the real estate business is our creative marketplace, most often referred to as exchanging.”

Order now $59 plus shipping and handling. The big book consists of twelve individual volumes. Each volume has twenty five strategies referencing a certain segment of the business. A total of 300 Strategies.

Each of the smaller volumes are available separately for study, teaching and so forth. Click here.

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Customize the “Big Book” with YOUR Name and Information!

With this personalized book, you will be able to open any door and clients will immediately recognize that your brokerage is different from the norm.

If approved by Steele 300, you can have your picture on the cover of 300 Ways to Buy, Sell or Exchange Real Estate, and write the introduction to the book which will include your story and how it relates to the creative real estate business.

This new book will have your own ISBN number and will be available for purchase from either Steele 300 or Amazon. This is advertising you can’t buy anywhere else and if used properly will bring you clients for a lifetime.

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 Corporate Exchange Consulting

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There are 1,200,000 attorneys in the U.S. and by coincidence there are 1,200,000 real estate licensees. But—there are less than 1,000 real estate exchange brokers. These are licensees who have been fully trained in how to solve real estate problems, have studied the Steele 300 Strategies and know how to utilize strategies that typical attorneys and real estate brokers just don’t know.

Unused or underused assets amount to millions and millions of dollars sitting idle. From minerals in the ground to excess inventory to vacant buildings or units of plant capacity, to empty airplane seats or football stadiums to fallow agricultural ground, they represent assets that could be working toward the growth of the company or organization.

All of the Steele 300 Corporate Exchange Consultants have many years of experience in recognizing idle assets and they have the knowledge on how to activate these assets.

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International Exchange Consulting

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It is our belief that you cannot find a more experienced group of global advisors.

If you need answers to situations in the international arena, these consultants are at your service in multiple languages.  Our conference calls can deliver the maximum amount of information in the minimum amount of time.  May we be assistance or a part of your international team?

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powerpointEnhance Your Seminar and Teaching Skills

The Steele 300 PowerPoint Presentation features 1200 slides for those wanting to teach clients or for training associates.  There are four slides for every strategy, and every slide is customizable for content. Teachers can select the subject matter that they wish to teach.

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